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Hi. I am currently working on the .Net platform since jan 2010. I want to switch over to the SAP field. I dont mind coding and programming. Please let me know if this is frutiful and how far this will help me as far as my career growth is concerned. Thanks a lot in advance.


Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 :

   SAP and .Net programming are 2 very different fields. 

SAP is a popular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product for various different functions of a company. Company may use SAP module for their HR function or Finance for their financial functions. 
The work in SAP Functional will be more of implementation of SAP module like HR for company. Here you will configure its parameters and do data entry and create workflow suited for a particular company where your implementing it.
There is no programming (customization is there but it will range in 20% which is also not .Net). 

But most of these SAP functions are very related to company management function like Finance, Manufacturing, Production, Planning HR which are fields related to MBA courses. So you should have these domain experience to chose from these SAP module to learn them.     

The other field in SAP is Technical, where you learn the SAP technical fundamentals like databases, files etc. to be able to customize them. But SAP is built not over Microsoft stack but java so .Net may not be much use there. The language will be very different ABAP.  

Career wise,  SAP has lot of future  growth and huge potential in large enterprises and SAP professional are paid very well.  

You can switch to SAP as there is only 1 year which you have spent in .Net programming but it is very different experience. 
There you are leaving field of  .Net programming for custom application development to a learning a product and learning its implementation and customization...   

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