What is the difference between a Team Lead and a Tech Lead

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I have seen in many companies that the position hierarchy is Software Engineer, Module Lead, Team Lead, Project Lead where some companies do not have Team lead but they have Tech Lead and then Project Lead.

Could you please describe what are the differences between the two and how it is different from the role they plays. Also what type of role is expected from a Tech Lead and a Team Lead. How to become a very good Team Lead or Tech Lead. What a junior and a senior folks expect from a Team Lead and a Tech Lead.


shivprasad's Advice on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 :


Vocabulary for IT positions changes from one software company to other, but the roles do not vary too much. From whatever experience I have both these positions execute the same role.

Your question :- what type of role is expected from a Tech Lead and a Team Lead ?

Tech lead and team leads are supposed to be technically sound and should have great hands-on. The major role of tech lead and team lead is to remove any technical issues  which come across developers. In big projects they are also supposed to understand the architecture document and communicate the same to his team.

I have also seen street smart tech leads also acting as architects in projects?.In one word tech leads form the technical pillar of project execution. On the other hand I have also seen a average tech / team leads working on modules.

How to become a very good Team Lead or Tech Lead ?

A good tech / team lead is the one who arouses when there are execution technical issues in project. If a junior always calls you when he has technical issues , it?s a good sign of good technical leadership /  team leadership.


kapil's Advice on Thursday, June 04, 2009 :

Team and Tech Lead as you have mentioned is generally confused in companies. Tech Lead as name suggest is technical position which has to lead the team technically and provide technical guidance and leadership.

Team Lead is more of a management position. Team Leader is assumed to Lead/manage a team. Team Lead and Project Lead are based on size of a project. A large project may be divided into many team hence team leader and then project leader.

This distinction is strcitly by name. There is no golden rule to name and role. You may be project lead still working on  a code. It is culture of company/project which sets expectation from a position.

Team lead by nature should be able to manage a team; solve their technical issues, plan and track team's assignment. Thus it is a more management but also may involve technical for team's planning and guidance.

Tech Lead by nature is mostly technical; needs to lead the project's architecture, design, and development. This may be module  in case of large project.

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