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I AM MCA graduate in 2006 (76 percent marks) After 1 yr of passing I joined a company in unfortunately, the company got closed after 7 months, nor did i got any experience certificates nor I can show any proof of my employment wasted almost 2 years Now problem is that because of this gap I cannot apply as a fresher and nor as an experienced employee (since there is a verification problem and no experience certificate) In my resume i have mentioned an experience of 2 and shown some fake projects, which in reality i have done at home. Also i am not confident (bit apprehensive) since i have not worked in a real company When i show more experience they want more responsibilities which i am apprehensive about since i have not worked in real scenario

sainath's Advice on Sunday, October 25, 2009 :
Verification is done in a stringent and highly professional manner now, it is very difficult and risky to try to hoodwink potential employers since professional agencies handle this activity. I personally know of a few cases when people got absorbed during bulk recruitments only to abruptly lose their jobs even after 2 years without notice when verification proved that they had lied on their resume. So the simple advice is - act responsibly.

Every company which gets created has to be registered - so even if your old company is closed you can ask the verification team to follow-up with the registrar of companies to cross-check if the company really existed. A finance professional,chartered accountant will be able to guide you better in this regard. So you can show the 7 months of experience on your resume. If you have the offer letter or the employment letter given at the completion of probation, your case will become stronger.

In this economic climate, having a gap on your CV is understandable - any employer will consider that. What will not be pardoned is trying to show blatant falsehood on the CV. For experienced recruiters it is just a matter of moments before they smell that something is fishy. Here's a secret - whenever any knowledgeable, experienced person conducts an interview - he judges the candidate in the 1st 2 minutes, the rest of the time he is just cross-checking what his judgement/intuition has suggested. While you can be a little creative while preparing your resume it has to have some kind of base - else your posture will be weak and people will quickly see through.


Sainath Sherigar,

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