Unable to clear aptitude test : Please help

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THis is sudheep iam completed my mca in 2010 till now i didn't get job.iam knowing my mistakes.but,i cannot override those mistakes.my mistakes are iam not clearing the aptitude round.this is the reason iam not getting placed in any company.please give me the suggestion


Sainath's Advice on Thursday, June 23, 2011 :

By default, software development is not an easy field to work in, to be successful a certain degree of intelligence / logical thinking skill is required. Please seek help from a senior professional if possible. Try to find out - is it that you are unable to crack the aptitude test because you are not aware of the kind of questions asked or is it that the required aptitude is not good enough by default. In the 1st case, the problem can be easily solved either by enrolling for training at the institutions which help students crack the MBA entrance exams. In the 2nd case, which I do not think is the problem, you should identify any other area in IT apart from programming.

Sainath S,

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