Need Advice Regarding Projects mention in my resume.

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Good Evening Sir/Madam,

I want some projects to keep in my resume as i have only developed small projects and i have 2 years of exp in .net the projects which i have kept in the resume are mini projects as our company is projects based der was not a scope for big projects.The interviewer is not accepting that mini projects as i am explaining him but he is not accepting.

So please i request u to provide some information to solve this problem and from where i can get projects.

Thank`s and regards

Kapil's Advice on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 :

    The projects and experiences are to show the interviewer , how adept are you in the technology or platform you are claiming to be expert in. If your projects are too small  like "Hello World" or simple user interface or writing to a file the I do no think anybody would ever give any weight-age to them. Projects which show some advance knowledge of .Net would only be worth considering. 

   Second, even if your projects are small but if you can demonstrate to interviewer how expert in technology you are by explaining the advance and newer concepts which most people industry are still process of knowing then your knowledge will overcome your handicap of smaller projects. 

  Projects and experiences are just one aspect of interview . The main aspect is how much knowledge do you have about the technology.   Suppose you have worked in large project but still you could not show the knowledge you would would fail even then.

Besides, even if your company is making small projects, there are hundreds way of making the project very advance by using the new and latest .Net technology. I do not think any company would stop you from using the advance technology for making the projects better.  

So my advice to you is learn advance and complex .Net technology and apply them in your current projects to be able to demonstrate your knowledge of advance .Net concepts.  

-kapil siddharth-

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