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I am a BE fresher. I am about to join as a QA in a global 500 company with a good pay. But the problem is that I want to be a developer and I can apply for opening in that company only after 18 months. I have plans of doing MS as well. My question is whether I should take a risk, serve as a QA for 18 months and then try to be a developer in that company or seek for developer job in some other company? But wherever I work I want to be in such a big company as a developer. Also will serving as a QA affect my chances of getting into good institutions for doing MS? Please enlighten me on these issues.

Kapil's Advice on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 :

    QA has very large scope in IT industry. The work of QA is to ensure the quality of delivery.  So as QA, I would believe you would be doing audits of the projects to see if they are producing the quality code.  Only way you could do that if you have good knowledge of the best practices in the IT field. and the you could ensure if the projects are following the good practices. And I think we do need the quality code and quality deliverable.

But problem in QA is, QA has become much of process exercise and more of theory and simple checking of tick mark "Yes" and "No" against a checklist. Although it may seem very easy, be warned against such stereotyping role .... 

I am surprised that freshers are being recruited as freshers. 

I would have preferred the QA role after some experience of development because then you will have the actual environment of development experience.
But now I think reverse may also be good, as you will have learnt the best practices and realized the benefits of quality code and which later would make you a good developer.

So instead of straightaway rejecting the offer, you can consider joining the global 500 company with good salary and then have some experience and analyze whether you like it or not. And then again decide on the future course of action. 

But my advise to you , take your own decision after knowing plus and minus of both fields. Do not blindly reject or accept what your friends and other may tell you because they may know only one side of the story. and then follow your heart as "This may be leading you onto something better ...".   

Good luck!!!

-kapil siddharth-

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