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Hi experts,

I have been working as Software engineer for last 3 years in ASP.NET platform.

I have 6 months expereince in Sharepoint 2007 and 2.6 years in ASP.NET 2.0 and C#. I am good at management skills as well along with techinical side.

I am currently working in a Product development MNC in health care domain. We work only in ASP.NET and C# and SQL 2008.

My propblem is , I have been in this company for last 1.6 years. AS its Product based, our work will be routine, that is same functionalities will be working again and again with out any updations in TEchnical side.

My Skills :

C# Gridview (all types of operations)
Data tables and table adapters
all kinds of SELECT COmmands in SQL (with all the conditions)

some part of javascript and VB script (classic ASP)

So our development and maintanice work of the product wil be mostly on the above things.

So I just want to know
Am I in right path for my experience level. How to update my skills?
Should I change the company?
What are the things shoudl I learn newely to change the company or else to get updated?

still How many years needs to be in techincal side to get management level positions in companues like Infy Wipro etc.?

please explain me in very detail manner

my mail ID is tvamsi007@gmail.com

thanks a lot

Kapil's Advice on Friday, September 02, 2011 :

Besides, knowing the routine ASP.Net programming you should be knowing. 

Advance Platform Features:
.Net platfrom has been constantly undergoing many changes...
Now that current version of .Net is 4.0. 
- So you should be knowing the fundamentals and new features of .Net. 
You should have in depth knowledge of building application using WCF, WWF , WPF, Silverlight,  JQuery, AJAX, JSON, WebServices.  
- Many frameworks which help in programming like NUnit, NHibernate, LinQ, MVC framework etc.
- SQLService  DML, DDL,   Reporting Services ...

General Tools for programming 
-  Visual Studio advance features  for Integrated development with all kind of debugging features...
-   Version Control - Visual source Safe
- Build/Deploy features  
- Testing Tools 

Step from technical to managerial level is usually gradual with module lead for handling few people, with team lead for handling with large number of people  where you gradually being to informally allocate work, track status and report status. Usually in 4 years , people begins to start taking the larger responsibilities of managing some of more people.
It can also depend on your manager and developing of trust between him and you. If you become dependable and start fixing yours and others problems, you are entitled with more responsibilities and which later gets rewarded.

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