Is Software Development my career?

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I am software developer(Dot Net) since around 2 years and I quite enjoy it too. I love to read articles about the new developments in this front and am also quite excited about it too. I always have eager to know new things. I always complete the task assigned to me on time by doing necessary R n D (if required) and there has never been any issues with the same. My performance has always been good and accordingly has also been appraised.

Although, sometimes (about 98%) I feel ( when I get too much loaded with work / I find people around me are using/working on some other technology / When i am unable to reach at a solution while other just figures it out at a go) that i cant cope up with whats going on. Though, I have also started reading books on latest development/ advancements etc and am trying to grasp these concepts it takes time for me to understand the concepts at one read and so I always need to read same concepts several times to sink it in my brains. Sometimes, the way I have understood a particular concept actually has a different meaning..

My question is whether my aptitude is not suitable for Software Development? If No, what should I do at my this point of Carrer ? Would it be wise to change the path ?
This question bothers me and I keep harassing my colleagues on this..Surprisingly, they feel that I know much more than them (may be because I have always completed the task and I just discuss with them whats new in the market etc...its just my thought) and I am just bothering them.

Am 99% always worried about my future and my career, about stability and of course money. but am unable to take any concrete decision to arrive at a solution.Sometimes i feel that I should go in Non -IT field where there will be peace and less worries.

I don't understand what should I do and where am I heading?

Please Help!!


Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 :
Don't get confused.  Be clear and focused.  Since you love what you are doing, keep doing.  You cannot always arrive at a solution on time.  Sometimes there are ups and downs as well.  That doesn't mean you should shy away from it.

Be bold and face the situation.  Work on your weak points.  Strengthen it.  Read, discuss and share.

And enjoy programming!

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Hey Laghaterohan,
Looks like you are in phase of ascertaining yourself and its a good thing. The points you have mentioned are mostly arised out of comparison with your colleagues and peers which may not be the best way to asceration oneself. You are always going to find better or worse people around you. That is not a benchmark for judging oneself. Software programming definitely would demand analytical, problem solving, programming skills but in software industry as such there are many jobs like technical writing, testing etc would require not exactly the same skillsets. Survival is not at all difficult given the way the indutry works and kind of jobs available and values but to make ones mark is not an easy task. In development also there are different areas like systems programming, framework programming, application programming which would need different skills with different grades. So to know about ones the fittment is a complex task. If you love what you do, you get satisfaction and on top o fthis you get paid for it then no qualms to continue.
Hope this helps.

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