Which one is better vb.net 3.5 or vb.net 4.0 for MCSD exam for carrier

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i am BE-Electronics..from mumbai university but due to some reason i could not complete it..unto 3rd yr i have cleared all subjects but in final year i was failed in 4 subjects..after that i never gave exams...(Means i am not graduate right now, i don't have degree certificate in my hand).
from my 2nd yr of academic i have been teaching programming languages like C,C++,Java and many more... from various computer classes.

by that time i used to developed application using VB 6 and Access & SQL..simultaneously i have developed many projects using vb 6 and vb.net for different clients..

and after that i have been working in one of "non-registered" IT firm since last 3 years,This Firm is developing software for the Accounting(TDS)..by using vb6 and vb.net.(joined Non-registered firm because of non graduate status)..where i get salary like watchman's salary.

right now my age is 30..i am very much in pressure and tension because of my earning status..and due to this family problems are creating..
however i am preparing for "Microsoft Certification Exams" and planing to give exams on "vb.net 3.5"
Can i go for exam on "VB.net 4.0"..but i never worked on 2010(.net 4.0)and what is market value of it..
what to do with my carrier?can i get proper job after this certification without having degree.
Please help me i am very much in trouble......
Thank you !!!

Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 :
Certification is one aspect and its better to go with the latest if you are planning to do so.  Keep aside 3-4 months and in your spare time (actually spend atleast 8 hours working on these technologies) and  build something useful may be opensource to build up your confidence in the area of work.  There are some very good opensource applications available for ready reference.

A couple of references here..
http://blogengine.codeplex.com/  (Refer code base)

Learn about HTML5, jQuery, CSS along the way.  Refer the following article for a simple app developed using this technology.  Look out for real implementation as well.


It may seem difficult at first but if you can make this a habit, it may stick with you through your career giving an added advantage.

Google is your best friend.  Search and learn :)

Do make use of these resources apart from the regular theoretical knowledge and learn the best/better practices.
Remember certification is just one aspect and true knowledge is altogether a different joy to posses and to boost your confidence.

If you are good with technologies then lack of degree may not be an issue (but remember competition is fierce, be prepared).

All the best!

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