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I have 4+ of exp in am in stage,i can able to work what ever.but am not sure whether i can able clear the interview.if i read the book also i dont think it will be helpful. can you suggest some good way for effective preparation and facing the interview tips.


Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 :
Form a small discussion group with your friends and discuss your topics of interest (technical/managerial) for couple of weeks (and possibly keep on continuing for the rest of your career :)).

This will rebuild up your confidence in technology and will improve your ability to present problems in a new perspective and discuss solutions.

Start up a blog (its free) and write down your ideas and invite your close friends for reviews and suggestions.  Once you are satisfy publish the blog to the world :).

There is no other way I can think of (though keep on continuing reading good books, blogs, articles and listen to podcasts as well).

All the best.

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Posted by: Mcadeepuraj on: 8/9/2011 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
The best Place To Prepare interview question Is Itself, Download all interview Questions and Study it.
The Best Example is myself, I have study all interview question and found nothing else in interview apart from this.
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It's natural and used to happen with most of us. There are several ways that one can improve upon. In my experience below are some points which can help somebody to face the reality.
1. Face some interviews(start with smaller companies). Even though you clear the interview or not, You will gain the confidence to face the interview. Here I mention small companies, as they used to ask so many good questions(as they need somebody who is really good in the technology). So you will get a super set of .NET questions which will help you to face the next interview.
2. Discuss the topic with friends and colleagues. This helps you to understand the concept and get a broder view on the topic.
3. Start participating in technical forum, blogs and even try to write white papers or articles. This will really improve personal knowledge and your written skill.
4. Lastly faith on yourself. And never dishertened for failure in interview. Just think, you have a better company/future than the one for which one failed.
Posted by: Premalatha on: 7/4/2012 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
My suggestion is You must full confidence on your Resume First.
Because, Interviewer doesn't ask more than from your resume.
What you put information(Technologies) from that may ask you a lot.
After that only he goes to some examples.
You have to prepare examples for every topic.
For example if they ask about OOPs concepts,you have give example code for inheritance,abstract,encapsulation ect.
And for data binding for gridview,data list ect.
For SQL SERVER some queries like select 2nd highest salary ect.
Fist you have good knowledge to explan about your projects and full details of what you put on your resume.

All The Best.

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