how to proceed further..

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Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well.

Sir I have completed BCOM and MCM. I have extremely less mark in my academic profile excluding MCM (First Class).

Now I have 1 year experience in ASP.Net with Galaxy Software (Small Company) which is not maintaining Software standard, so now is it possible to get job in MNC Company or in future.

Kindly guide on how to proceed further to enhance my skill. Your single advice really valuable For me.

Awaiting your response on the same.

Best Regards

Sujit Gujrathi

Rajesh's Advice on Thursday, July 21, 2011 :

Stay where you are.  Don't think of processes and standard too much.  Just build up your technical and communication skills for couple of years.

Processes and standards are important but that's not a very big deal.  Read best practices, agile practices, software blogs to keep up with terminology and build up knowledge around these areas...

My best advice would be to start an opensource project or participate in an existing one.  That will be the best way to learn about most of the process....

All the best.

Sujit said on Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Sir,

Thanks a lot for such an advice, will Defiantly Follow u.

In 10th I have 47%, 12th 56%, 47%, MCM: 62% so will liable/Fit in company criterion to get job in MNC after few year experiences. Plz let me know, and I have 2 year experience in H/W and networking field also.
And plz tell me how & where to start work an open source project. Tell me detail information/provide me link so I can processed further....
Hoping for your positive consideration....
I truly appreciate your suggestion.....

Best Regards

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