Technical, Business Analyst OR Project Management, Project Lead?

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Dear Sir,

I have total 9.5 years of experience. I have started my career as software developer with VB 6.0 & SQL Server (For cargo & Airlines industries). After 3.5 years, i have joined another company as Software developer and worked on ASP, Oracle and .NET for 2.5 years (From Software developer to Module Lead). Then company had changed my role and sent me to the client site to play Business Analyst cum Project Manager role in Retail Finance Company. After working for 1.5 years, company sent me to another client site to play Assistant Project Manager (IT) role in Insurance company. After 1 year, company sent me to another client (Construction Company) to play Business Analyst and Project Manager role for client and supporting Client Application. Its 1 year now at this client site.
I have done BCA, MCSD, MBA (IT). Now, I am confused about my future career. In which field should i go? Technical, Business Analyst OR Project Management, Project Lead? Should i change my job or stay where i am? Kindly guide me.

Thanks & Regards

Sainath's Advice on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 :


We are all guilty of drifting in the current of life.What I mean to say is that we can be so caught up in the daily busyness of life that we end up in new job roles without really realizing what is our own goal. Usually at the end of it we become confused and disillusioned, some what similar to the situation you are in at this point in time.

First and foremost, you need to realize where your skills, talents and interests lie. This can only happen if you really do a deep analysis. Please refer to the link below and try to figure out what kind of roles you are suited for.

It is very important to like what you do - atleast you should like 60% or more of your job responsibilities. If not, you will never excel in your job. No matter how much you are paid , if you do not have a deep liking for your job you will end up a frustrated soul.

Once you have completed answering the questions mentioned in the above link, you will get a fair idea which direction you should go in. It does not matter whether you choose to become a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Architect or some other role. But make sure that you choose a role which you like and are confident of excelling in the long run. Choose excellence over short-term success, be absolutely clear about what it is that you really want and in the long-term, success and more importantly self-satisfaction is assured.


Sainath Sherigar,

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