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My name is Satish.I am from Andhrapradesh. I completed my Mechanical enginnering in Year 2000.
My universtiry exams finish in october 2000. then we got certificate in Jan2001. I was selected for a CAD/GIS related company in April2001.
as a CAD enginner and Promoted to QC and worked there for 2 years i.e upto April 2003.Then i resigned and went for training on Microsoft Technologies.(

at one Institute at Hyderbad.after nearly 10 months struggle i got a oppurtunity in Malaysia as as Junior Programmer( My friend refer my resume in his company)
from there i never look back, i developed my skills and now i am working as Team Lead in one of the company at Malaysia
i am handling team of 5 people for projects on ASP.Net.( i am also into coding and design as well).
Now i want to move back to INDIA, for my daughter better study(she is now 1year 6months old) , look after my parents and ofcourse i love my country.i have one doubt in putting my resume like if i put my original .Net experince i.e 7 years of experience( i.e 2004 to 2011). but interviwew ask me what about my 2001 to 2004 ? can i say i had worked in CAD and GIS Related software.
if i put experince as 2001 to 2011 which will be 11 years and ofcourse its not real experince and may not match to 11 years Experince Guy?

Please advise me how can i construct my resume with related to Experince? can i say 2 years in CAD/GIS softwares and 7 years in Microsoft Technologies?
will it have any negative impact while Interviwer/Company selecting me? i am very much worried to apply in INDIA. please advise me.

Thanks in Advance

Sainath's Advice on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 :


I have mentioned this many times on this forum, trying to mislead potential employers by putting wrong experience on the resume can be very counter productive in this era of strict background verification. As time passes by we may also see common databases of blacklisted candidates being maintained. Rather than getting into all these complications, it is better to say the truth.


In your case, mentioning that you were working on CAD in the initial years will not really have an impact although you will be treated only as someone who has 7 years of experience, and this is correct as well because at 11 years of experience you are expected to have broader level of knowledge. In my opinion, from what you have stated things should be fine for you. As you are handling the responsibilities of a Team Lead in the true sense you will get a good break in India. The initial CAD experience will not have much of an impact as potential employers will be more interested in where your skills are in the present. Once you get a good break and settle down in the job you should then target growing in roles and responsibilities and start thinking of moving forward on the managerial track or the architect track. For now, please proceed as planned without showing any wrong experience on your CV, things should go fine.


All the best !



Sainath S,

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