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I am working in a small business company as an IT Supervisor with 6 years of experience. I am managing the day-to-day IT operations and activities, 1st ans 2nd line support, software testing, managing suppliers and contracts, managing the infrastructure, applications and data center, handling incidents and request from the team, suggesting improvement to the IT function and project teams, in addition to a wide range of IT management and operational activities.

I have very good technical experience that greatly helped me to deal with and handle the IT function including all its tangible and intangible resources, as well as enough knowledge of technology. The problem is that I haven't had any technical certification such as CCNA or MCTS or MCITP as I always focus on the managerial skills more than the technical skills.

One year ago I passed the ITIL V3 Foundation and recently the Service Operation cleared easily.

I am confused which career path to choose, and whether it is reasonable to focus on ITSM without deep and extensive technical experience. It is my wish to work in the ITSM field and to leave the technical work at all.

I need your suggestion please and thanks for your help.

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, August 21, 2011 :

From what you have stated, it does not appear to me that you are falling short in technology. It is evident that you are already playing the role of a manager and in the right manner. It is not about how many certifications you have against your name, though it definitely helps, it is about whether you know enough to be in a position to handle anything that is thrown in your direction. Good managers have this quality - they will always know enough about everything, and are always in a position to quickly find out should the need arise. They always have a starting point in hand from where they can quickly progress forward.

I will not say that one can completely leave the technical aspect and succeed on the managerial path. Trends are changing rapidly and managers are expected to be technically knowledgeable more than ever before - to be in a better position to take good decisions.

You are on the right track, by clearing the Service Operation exam and by targeting more such exams you should be in a position to target the SDM - Service Delivery Manager role given the kind of job profile you hold at this time.

Please do a search for ITIL and SDM on the career forum and you should find many posts which might be of use to you.

Sainath S,

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Many thanks Sainath for your reply.
I checked the posts within the forum and they are really helpful.

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