Dotnet faculties are not considered for development opening

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I have been working as a dotnet trainer in a small institute in .net 2.0 framework. though i have little exposure to 3.5, i have started attending interviews who have requirement for 2.0 framework.
i have already 6 yrs of developmetn exp and inbetween i wanted to have a break due to my family commitments.

but nowhere my resume is getting short listed the reason being faculty will not have guts to face development side work.
Though i have coding exp and still i keep working on coding at institue too i am getting rejected in the first level of resume shortlisting it self.
in big MNC 's too unfortunately the MNC where i worked earlier.
big bosses who work as HR in big companies please respond to me. i am confident in my work level. but why is it a label given to faculties?
last week i attended a small company interview everything went on well and the last round of HR round, i was asked all personal details and finaly they said no.. i did not get the reason also from them. but one thing is sure they said technical is very much fine for them...
then why faculties are rejected??

if someone can give me the advise on how to approach for personal round of interview i can best make up myself.

Rajesh's Advice on Saturday, September 03, 2011 :
Yes, this is a practical problem faced by many candidates.  But all is not lost yet.  You already have previous development experience. Modify your resume to highlight your development, problem solving/analytical skills.  Highlight your coding, project management, unit testing achievements.   Highlight any specific tools or utilities you may have coded while as a faculty.

Highlight unique case studies(programming/problem solving), or SDLC which you may have taught to students as a faculty.

Put more thrust on industry best practices including client side development using jquery, mvc, wcf , design patterns/OOAD, sql server (optimization/performace tuning), TDD etc.  If you are not confident in these areas, spend some time polishing these skills (not all, but you can relate to things here based on your experience).

But above all showcase some projects/utility which you have developed using these skills....

Have faith in your experience which you may have gained as a faculty and portray it in a positive manner.

All the very best.

Gayathri said on Monday, September 05, 2011

Thanks for your kind response. I will certainly follow up what you have mentioned.

Thanks again.

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Exending the Rajesh's inputs
1. Yes, its unfortunate but fact in INDIA as the trainers are not looked up with the knid of respect they should have.
2. As Rajesh has suggested, please highlight your development activities with some current assignements.
3. In HR round, go with plain mind and no emotional baggage. Don't try to look things from your earlier experiences.
4. Try to undesand their views overall about teaching experience and industry experience and pitch accordingly.

Hope this helps.

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