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Want a suggestion from u all, c as I've a dot net experience of 2+ yrs in dot net , which training i sud opt for which can help me in getting a job..I went for a survey on some training institutes who are also ready to cover my gap and will give a relevant experience on the same , but at the same time i am concerned as they sed they'll give assistance for placement not assurance , whatif they dont do ultimately their main objective is selling their they r telling this course is a hot cake in the market ,bla bla bla................but what if they cant help me getting a call for tht?

See some of my friend suggested me to tek up Data warehousing course, but again tht will b a diff technology, again I'll have to show min 2 yrs of exp in the same tech, which I've to justify too..which is risky in its am thinking of it confused

And regarding microsoft sharepoint where I wont have to chng my course ...but can add few project on sharepoint too , which 'll be less risky..But am not knowing whether sharepoint currently in demand or not ....doing this course means spending some money to it and also our time and effort..if it wont be productive then again I'll landing on a no where confused....

please help me in taking a correct training which will add weightage to my career..Please suggest me ASAP..

Sainath's Advice on Saturday, October 08, 2011 :

Fisrtly, any training institute which guarantees jobs post training completion is out to make a fast buck - the promised placement assistance is also questionable, though it does exist. Eventually, every individual has to search and create his own opportunities. Speak to any successful person in IT or otherwise, almost all of them will be unanimous in saying that they created their own opportunities, meaning, they  had to search for opportunities like everyone else, with the help of job sites, referrals, etc.

Moreover, if a training institute promises to give you an experience certificate then it is even more questionable - employee background verification has become a full-fledged and streamlined line of business today. These firms actually send people to your previous companies for checking purposes when you take up a new job. Any false / shady experience is bound to be detected - in a way it is good because this is finally correcting a bad trend of fake CVs which has really hit IT more than any other industry. Moreover, once blacklisted it will be difficult to resolve the problem as this will get recorded. So please do not take such steps.

Sharepoint, Data warehousing are specialized areas in themselves. Typically, I have seen people make the switch at around 3-4 years of experience, the reason is simple, by this point they have understood software development in depth and are well informed on what they are getting into, be it DW, Sharepoint, or some other specialized area. But do not marry any particular technology and don't allow your thinking to get boxed. See which area appeals to you in terms of liking and make a choice accordingly. In the data warehousing area, with experience you can become a Data Architect which is a niche area.

The previous posts regarding Sharepoint will also help you.

Sainath Sherigar,

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