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I have completed a course in software testing including manual and automation..It was very difficult for me fetch a job in bangalore as the competition is too much and my BE % is below 60..Now only thing through which i can get a job is by making a fake experience certificate(That also in automation :()...so i m planning to move to some other field which is less crowded..how about linux(red hat),solaris admin jobs...what is average salary for admins(..is it a good job for girls..And will there will be problem of engineering % same as i felt in testing..Please guide me...thanks

Sainath's Advice on Saturday, October 08, 2011 :

Please do not use fake experience - you risk damaging your career permanently. I have mentioned this multiple times on this forum. Please check the link below:


Becoming a system administrator in Linux / Solaris or even SCO Unix is a very good career option. The pace of change is not unmanageable, there is a degree of complexity and skills in the area need to be developed over a period of few years. It is not a bad career option for women as the pace of change is manageable and ideally, you should be able to handle personal and professional responsibilities without too much difficulty. The pay packet commanded by system administrators is also pretty good.

There is only 1 catch - getting a 1st break is a little difficult. Organizations expect that a system administrator has the relevant knowledge and experience before they bring a person on board because please remember that they are entrusting the crucial responsibility of administering the operating system to you. Usually, a person having less experience is never given the responsibility  straight away. Typically you have to go on board in a junior role, spend a year or more in apprenticeship working with a senior system admin and then you are given the role based on performance. There is a waiting period involved but let me say this, I have personally mentored a person to transition from a Service Desk role into a junior Unix Admin role and finally into a System Admin role over a span of 3-4 years. There was a waiting period, but in the end it was worth it as system admins command good salaries, moreover, this is a niche area.

Sainath S,

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