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Hi, I am sujith. I am having more than six years of experience in software development. Currently I am working as a project leader. I am confused about my next career plan. What will be the roll I need to focus. Is it a technical architect position or any other position?

Rajesh's Advice on Saturday, November 12, 2011 :
Technical architect demands altogether a different skillset than that of Project manager.  A technical architect needs to have technical skill as well as bit of project management skill.

If you are more inclined towards project management then my opinion would be that you focus on project management specific skills including, project tracking, plans, resource allocation, team motivation and many other traits...

PMP would be a good headstart for you.

If you are inclined for tecnical architect role then do start concentrating on the latest in whatever technology you are working on, its architecture, best practices including scalability, performance, instrumentation etc...

Do an analysis of what you like and not like and then plunge with full speed into achieving your goal..

Remember whatever you field choose, spend some dedicated time daily without fail, in learning something about that field.

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