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I have good knowledge but not having confidence because i got knowledge not step by step it hard to come by work from here and ther so wat to do so that i can develop my knowledge

Rajesh's Advice on Saturday, November 12, 2011 :

You question lack details as to what respect you are seeking advice for.  Please add some details.  I assume you are working in gaining knowledge towards .net.... so you can following this check list

1.  understand the foundations including .net framework
2.  Master c# language
3.  Work with ASP.NET webforms as well as MVC
4.  Learn about LINQ and Entity framework.
5.  Have basic knowledge of working with sql server (from developers perspective)
6.  Javascript, jquery (understand the fundamentals and basic working with respect to ajax)

This is just the starter..

To gain confidence have a look at many opensource projects or sample reference applications that is available on and codeplex.

Go through various blogs of scott gu, scott hanselman etc...

If you riguorously follow this for about 3 months daily 8 hours you should be pretty confident about what you are working on.....

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