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For Hi Team,
A warm greeting to all of you. I am , Vaibhav having 1 year Experience in IT field. I have done my B.Tech with Computers. I started my carrer last year as an incident manager. Now I am contributing my efforts to both Incident/Problem Management in my current organization. I am also ITIL v3 Foundation certified. What I am confused regarding my career path is -
1) I started my career dirctly with IT service managment, Do i need to be technically sound in any of oprations technology for efficiently managing IT services. Or directly one can start carrer with ITSM/ITIL
2 I do not want to be in operation always for a long time. I am more interesting in Design/strategy part. How to get move to that areas??
So should be keep going with process part only or Also should i go for some techinical certifications? for making a strong carrer in ITSM?? I read the some earlier Q&A on the ITIL, but all of them were raised by persons who were having exp more than 5-6 years. What are your suggestion and guidelines to me who is new in IT industry,new in ITSM.

Vaibhav Chobisa

Sainath's Advice on Thursday, November 24, 2011 :

To answer your 1st question -  yes, you need to be technically sound. At the least, you need to know enough about the responsibilities assigned to you else you will become an ineffective manager. As a manager you should know enough to take correct decisions, if you are technically weak you will be heavily dependent upon updates provided to you by juniors who will soon detect your technical weakness. Over time, you will take wrong decisions and become ineffective.

For moving into design / strategy you need to have a lot of practical experience and knowledge. Typically, this will take some years.

Process = How to best do something to achieve optimum results

But this in itself is not enough, you also need to know WHAT it is you are trying to solve. In other words, you need to have a strong hold on the technical aspect of the problem as well. Else you may end up taking absurd decisions which will have far reaching consequences.

Sainath S,

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