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I am a dot net professional spent more than seven years in this technology. I am thinking of pursuing M.S. in Software Engineering throught BITS Pilani through my employer. This is 2 Years course which I can do while working as a normal prfessiona.
My Question is , WIll M.S. degree help me in near future ? If yes what are the other opportunity will it explore apart from IT industry.
Any answers will be appreciable. :)

Kishor Kumar

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, December 04, 2011 :

This is a good thought. M.S. will be a good add-on qualification but it may not be useful to you outside the IT space. It will definitely add weight-age to your resume.

But please keep in mind certain things. As I look at it, university degrees and industry specific skills are not well-connected right now. What I mean to say is that you get to use a small percentage of what you learn as part of university courses. Most of the universities are simply unable to keep pace with the changing industry trends, which is why certifications exist in the first place. However, a good career development approach is to adopt a balanced learning plan which should ideally include university qualifications (which act as an entry point) and industry specific skills (which ensure high performance at the workplace).

Hope I have been able to give you some perspective.

Sainath S,

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pursuing higher education is a good idea....As far as career growth is concerned IT is a sector that gives weightage on experience...IT would be great to try some top certifications in the career that you are in now...As knowledg is eternal entering into M.S will help you broaden your skill set

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