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I have about 2 years experience in .NET in a small company . Currently I have joined a middle level company 3 months back, with some better remuneration. But this company is using some technologies in .Net , I don't know which has any market value or not.
for example, they do not used ADO.NET , rather they used NHibernate for database connectivity. they do not used SQL server, but used Mysql as backend database. for the report building they used complex excel conversion process but do not used Crystal report.

I don't know the above said technology which are they used, has value in .NET market or not. Now , I am getting responses from the other companies with almost same remuneration. Which will be better? should I joined immediately to such company where the market oriented technologies are used or stay at the current company.

I am confuse. please suggest me.
Thanks and regards,

Kapil's Advice on Monday, January 16, 2012 :
You should always be striving to learn new technologies. It is good opportunity to learn what other technologies bring in. Then you would realize what benefit you have in ADO.Net and what additional benefit you get from the other alternatives.
Take this  opportunity and widen your horizon of technology world and widen your technology experience.
I presume you have already worked in ADO.Net now also understand how does other alternatives work.  
NHibernate is .Net version of Hibernate, a extremely popular open source ORM in non-Microsoft world.  Similarly, MySQL is very popular open-source RDBMS. Both have good market value. 

We are in this industry to solve our client's problem. We should be able to suggest better alternatives than defaults if they are more suited to our client. We should not marry to a technology.

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