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Dear Sir,
I am an M.C.A graduate 2007 passout. Presently am working in small firm as Java Developer(Struts) from January 2009. And my domain is Client Server. i had given two years bond. So i have to work here upto January 2011. Is it possible to change my Domain when i go for another company. I am very interested in Banking, Insurance Domains.
So please advice me whether it is possible to shift my Domain. And in my present there are no more Domains and only Client Server. So once finished my contract, i want to change my domain. Please advice me what are the steps i need to take to change my Domain field. Hopefully i am awaiting for ur valuable reply.


sainath's Advice on Saturday, November 14, 2009 :
Hi Kavitha,

Firstly, please be clear about the difference between domain and software methodology. Domains are various like banking, insurance,retail and these are classified as such based on their LOB (line of business). Whereas software methodologies like client-server, web applications,etc are ways of building software to meet the custom requirements in these domains.

I also sense a slight degree of helplessness in the tone of this email, probably because you have signed a 2 year bond. A lot of people who passed out with you have still not got their 1st break - whether you realise it or not, you are in a much better position. In the first 2 years of experience you have to remember only 1 thing - 100% focus on becoming a top class programmer, and 0% focus on salary, other people's opinions,etc. Remember, you are learning a skill and mastering any skill takes time.

For stepping into the BFSI domain which includes banking,insurance, financial services I can suggest the following actions:

Step 1:
Become very strong technically - your fundamental programming knowledge,OOAD,etc should be very good.Starting from now till Jan. 2011 you can easily achieve this if your "daily deliberate action" includes learning something new every day.

Step 2
Analyze the job requirements of product development conpanies which operate in the banking, insurance sectors.This will help you align your technical study areas with the requirements of the particular domain.

Step 3
At the end of the bond period, I would suggest that you target getting a job in a product development company which operates in the BFSI domain.The reason is simple - these companies only focus on their core domain expertise and usually need to be very competitive in terms of adopting new technologies and responding to client needs,else they will simply not survive.Usually they employ a limited number of staff but once they realise you are good in your work, most of the difficult work will head in your direction. Almost all of the developers in such organizations gain quality domain expertise provided they are proactive and put in the efforts to learn the same. The downside is that usually you have to slog in such organisations as usually the delivery deadlines are very steep,but this is the price of success in IT.

For being able to land a job in such organisations, Step 1 needs to be in order, i.e. you will get a break in such organizations only if your skill levels are good.

Step 4
Once you have gained enough experience and have nothing new left to learn and can target a break in one of the big 10. The combination of strong domain and technical skills will ensure you get a good break - I have seen this approach work for many of my colleagues and it should work for you as well. The only common factor was that all these people were patient, persistent and always willing to learn new things. Time eventually rewards you for the hard work put in.

"I simply can't think of sleep.I have an ocean yet to cross and Paris to find....... sleep can come later after I land."
    - Charles Lindbergh

I hope I have answered your question, please ask for more clarification if needed.


Sainath Sherigar,

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