Currently working on sql Wants to learn front end technology

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i am working on sql server from last 8 months but i think only database knowledge is not sufficient do i need to learn .net or any front end technology?? if yes then which technology and how ?please help me. ... i had been rejected from many interviews becouse of the no front end knowledge .In technical interview i score very good in sql but when it comes about .net i dont have any clues . Please suggest me how to deal this situation.

Kapil's Advice on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 :
Job description specifies what is being looked in a person who is being interviewed. If the Job description says that you need to work in the application programming using .Net and you need to know things end-2-end .Net programming then you would be interviewed for it.

However, if you apply for DBA job where SQL skills are the important ones then you will be judged as per your SQL skills and DBA knowledge. Extra .Net skill  may come handy for creating stored procedures. But SQL Server , DDL, DML is the knowledge you would be judges for.

You cannot be selected only with your database knowledge without .Net coding if you applying for application development.

So upgrade you knowledge of .Net programming end-2-end or start to apply only for jobs which matches with your skill. You can get lot resources and books to upgrade your knowledge of .Net programming.  

Swank said on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thank you very much Kapil ji Please suggest me some good resources and books with more practicle examples if possible .... otherwise thank you for your advice.

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I'd advise you to learn C# dot net and ASP .NET. I recently completed my training at WAFY. I was trained by Felix and Subha. They are the founders and have over 13+ years of programming expertise. You can read more about them at . You can register for their online program at

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