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Iam a graduate having four years experience in working for a customer care product which serves many organisations worldwide. Our product automatically receives, manages, routes, responds and tracks Inbound E-Mail originating from a web site or an Internet address. It examines and automatically categorizes each message by attitude, issue, request, sender type and product or service. It is used by customer care service departments and call centers to increase the quality and speed of service to their most valuable asset-their customers.

My job is to add keywords from inbound emails to the network which we have in our product, to make the product automatically categorize similar emails in future. Iam looking forward for a change in my career. Iam not interested to choose a career based on my graduation. In what way can I use this experience or what should be the next step to choose a perfect career.

sainath's Advice on Saturday, November 14, 2009 :
Firstly, there is nothing such as a perfect career, there are many imperfections along the way but if you are focussed and clear with regards to your goal, you will build your career brick by brick. The problem with this job description you have given is that this cannot be counted as technical experience, neither is it in anyway connected with L1 help desk. I can only suggest that you need to take a long,hard look at your knowledge and skills and target an entry point in programming, networking,help desk management,etc keeping your own skills and interests in mind. If this even means starting from scratch by all means do it, as there really is no short path towards building a career. Being a B.Com graduate is by no means a problem, for a fact I personally know B.Com graduates who made it to Microsoft based purely on their skill level - that's the beauty of the IT space, it's a great leveller.

"Friends, there is great value in disaster.Look, all of our mistakes have burned up.Thank God we can start anew."
    - Thomas Alva Edison,at 67 years of age,after a fire burnt his laboratory to the ground,destroying his entire lifetime's work.3 weeks later, he discovered the world's 1st phonograph !

    - extract from "You Inc. - by Burke Hedges"

Wishing you all the very best.


Sainath Sherigar,

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