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I am a B. Tech, IT graduate and have around 5 years of experience in dot net technology. Also recently I have completed my MS in Software Systems from BITS PIlani with good score.I have worked on WCF,WPF, technologies. But never got exposure for Whenever I would demand in company that I want to work on web application,due to some or other circumstances I had to work on windows. Currently my designation is Sr. Software Engineer and this is my first company.Now my question is if I try to switch then
shall I am lagging behind as I havent work on until now. so what can i do to improve in web applications? Also
what you suggest (certifications) so that I am with the technology trend. PLease advise.


Sainath's Advice on Sunday, January 15, 2012 :

The broad trend in the software space is towards web applications - the browser is the platform now. That does not necessarily mean that your experience in building Windows applications is a waste. In fact, from the programming skill perspective working on Windows applications probably gives you an advantage. Moreover, since you have already worked on WPF you have an advantage. I suggest that you port your skills towards building RIA (rich internet applications) using Silverlight rather than Asp.Net.

Globally, the trend towards RIA is rising. There is a simple reason for this. Microsoft has always advocated usage of  both server side and client side processing power. While others have focused more towards server side technologies alone Microsoft has always advocated the combination of using both server and client side processing power and partnered with Intel. Also, the kind of possibilities which exist now in the RIA space is mind blowing. Please check out the latest videos on on the Silverlight 5.0 firestarter and this point will be obvious to you.

Sainath Sherigar

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Thank you Sainath. I will port my skilld towards RIA applications. Thanks a lot.

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