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I have been working in C#.Net (Windows Application) past two years. I am very familiar in file handling concepts compare than Database. Can you please suggest how to search jobs related to file handling?

Kapil's Advice on Monday, January 16, 2012 :
Typical jobs carry a job descriptions. As for searching for any job involving  particular work requires you to explore job descriptions.  If any job advertised which mentions you file handling should be your target.  

But go more deep in your question- 
File and Database are just form of data storage. Main functionality is lies in working out application to manipulate the retrieved data. 

The typical BUSINESS applications in real world are revolves around interacting with users to get the data and actions using user-interface. The data is stored in some repository (database which are usually RDBMS or flat files or nowdays you have NOSQL non-RDBMS databases)  and actions are used to manipulate data or display the stored data via user interface. 

So you have 3 main elements - screen (user interface) , business component (to manipulate and retrieve and display data) and data component ( to retrieve and store data which interacts with storage).

Now when you say, you are comfortable with file storage but not with database. It is ok if you have other skills like user interface (screens programming, javascript, jquery and ) and business component development (C# etc.). 
But just file handling will not get you anywhere in this case.

Or other types of application are SCIENTIFIC applications, where you retrieve data from files and then processes data in many possible ways.
The typical jobs then revolves around what do you want to do with data, search, sort, display in graphs. Thus you would have to be expert in data processing algorithms. You need to be expert in highly complex algorithms to handle and process data.

Or you can find jobs with SYSTEM programming, where you develop device drivers for computer systems or specific components like writing type of classes and packages. You again need to be highly experts in algorithm here. 

So choose where your skills lie. Just typical file handling open, close and read which anyone can do will not get you anywhere.  

You need to be expert in something more which is highly complex and which is difficult to find. said on Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thank you sir

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