career switch from sales(chemical) to software developer

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I am a B.E.chemical graduate, passed out in 2001
After working in sales(chemical) for 5-6 years i switched my career as software developer.

I have 3 years of experience developing windows form applications using, vb6.0, Sql2000/2005, Crystal Reports.
and for last one year I am working as Sr.Developer on web application using Asp.net3.5,C#, Sql2005 and Crystal Reports in a small company.

Thus I have 4+ years experience in .net technologies.
I have experience in web and windows application developments.
I am comfortable with both C# and
I have sound experience in Sql server 2000/20005.
also have good experience in Crystal Reports (web/windows)

I also continuously upgrading myself to new technologies like wcf, silverlight,mvc,TDD etc...
I am really enjoying this software field.

currently I am looking for a job change.

1. Does my previous work domain is a real problem get me job in a good MNC or big compaly ?
2. I never mention my previous domain on my resume. It is absolutely not lying something
but telling more about my current domain, is this ok?

Appreciated your suggestions ..


Sainath's Advice on Sunday, January 15, 2012 :

Firstly, congratulations on having the courage to change your career. It clearly indicates that you have the ability to take calculated risks. The most important thing as far as I am concerned is that you really like the software field - as I always mention on this forum, you simply cannot excel in something which you do not like.

It is his life and he has to decide what he wants to become. Just as I got freedom from my parents, I believe Arjun should also do things in life that he wants to do and he is passionate about. If you are passionate about something then you don't feel the workload, but if you feel the burden of something then you realize it is not your passion and you must look at something else. So I just want to make sure that whatever his passion is I will provide him the necessary guidance and help to achieve it,
- Sachin Tendulkar saying he won't burden his son Arjun when it comes to choosing his career

There is nothing wrong in mentioning your previous experience - just be prepared for the inevitable questions that will be asked. Also, if you do not mention it also I believe it is fine as long as you claim only the correct number of years of experience in IT.

Coming to the most important question, whether you will get a job in an MNC with this kind of background. I would like to challenge your thoughts in this regard. As far as I am concerned, it is not important how big is the company you work in, the important point is how big is the job that you do in the company you work in. Mainly, what is the size of your role?

The bent towards joining an MNC comes from the perspective of having a secure job and also the accompanying social status of the corporate label. But security in the current economy is a direct result of the quality of your skills, how good you are at what you do. I would say that just continue focusing on your skills and passion towards the field and the rest will automatically fall into place with time.

Sainath Sherigar,

Sandeepkasar said on Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thanks a lot Sainath,
This really helps me.....

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Posted by: Surajmahajangmail on: 2/18/2012 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
yes i am totally agree with Sainath Sherigar.

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