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hello sir ,

i am jatin khanna i am B.C.A. from ignou (Delhi) and pursuing the MCA from the same of 5th semester i also completed the oracle 10g but now because of recession no one giving me training for that course now i have some family problem so i need to earn the money as soon as . that's why i join company in ghaziabad but still they are not giving me any of salary till training period i have just little knowledge about coding now please tell me i am going in the write direction or not and how can i elaborate my knowledge faster and wrox or blackbook is good for me should i purchase those books of
please brother help me really suggest me the right 1 i really frustrate with this life.....

take care,

regards ,
jatin khanna

Kapil's Advice on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 :
Everybody is looking for a job (as you must have seen in other queries) and some may be better off than you having completed their degrees and have much more experience than you. We all have passed your phase and have overcome different family constraints.  

You see in this race of survival you are weak in term of skills and constraints that you have, to be selected. But do not despair. There is no easy way out and you need to work very hard. 

You need to start hands-on self training. You can chose any technology like .Net and Oracle. There is no substitute for hands-on self training. Create applications end-2-end with latest technologies, start with very simple applications and then incrementally add new and complex features.  You would get step-by-step tutorials and help on internet. It does not take long to master a technology if you are dedicated and persistent in learning. Once you have understood a technology and have confidence to create a applications using that technology, you will have no problem in clearing interviews.

It is good to be frustrated but frustration should make work harder and strive to be best among the others, so that interviewers have to select you.    

Jatinkhannamca2012 said on Wednesday, January 18, 2012


i can do hard work but i need guidance because i am new in this please first tell me that what type of application i should make and what is the difference in between application and a website ......
and from which book mshould i learn easily u have e.balaguruswamy then please mail me at
and please 1 more thing that how can get a project like and other ....

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