Delay in getting offer letters from MNC

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Hello Everyone,

One of my friend, has 2 1/2 yrs of career break. She is currently working as a trainer in dotnet in a small institute and luckily got thro 2 rounds of tech discussion in an MNC. she has about 7 yrs of exp in development and implementation of dotnet project. It is to be noted that she is a regular user of DOTNET FUNDA SITE which helped her a lot in getting through the interview.

But unfortunately the offers are freezed due to some internal discussion in the company.
She was told that she may be given a senior dev position.They have asked her to send almost all relevant docs via scan and she completed that promptly.

It s been one month and her offer is not released. We really do not whether she is on the list or not.
After asking so many times, they are either not responding or simply saying we will get back to you.. what is really happening...It is a great discouragement to a candidate who is informed that you are selected but your offer ,we donot know when it will come, and sometimes we really dont know whether it will come.
All big bossess and HR's and recruiters who use this site , please advise us what should we do in such scenario.. If the opening is not there why do they recruit???

Expecting a kind response...

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, February 05, 2012 :
Hi Gayathri,

This situation happens on many occasions particularly when bulk recruitment is happening. Sometimes an organization may do some hiring in anticipation of getting a project so that they have adequate "bench strength" should they win the project. Other factors also play a key role - sometimes if an organization fails to land new projects for some time all the persons identified for the new project are released and get added to the bench strength of the organization. More often than not, this happens when recruitment teams and resource management teams are not on the same page. In any case, my simple advice is to keep moving and not get discouraged. Infact, if the person has already succeeded in cracking the interview for 1 MNC, she can obviously repeat the same once again, right?

Please advise your friend to keep going through the job search process without taking this temporary setback too much to mind.

Many of life's failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
    - Thomas Edison

Sainath S,

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