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Hi Everyone.
I am Prakash Shrestha i have more than 5 yrs of exp in To be frank being 5 yrs of exp i don't have that much knowledge because of not much work in office.Now i want to learn something new which can boost my career. I am thinking about learning "Cloud Computing" What are the things required for learning Cloud computing as i am from development background and what is its future.

Sainath's Advice on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 :

As I have mentioned time and again on the forum, while it is a good approach to target niche, upcoming areas keeping the market demand curve in mind, it cannot be done without a sound foundation in place.

To illustrate my point, let's say you choose to specialize in the area of mobile computing on the iOS plaform, i.e. building applications for the iPhone. The 1st thing you will discover is that you need to learn Objective C and MVC. Move back further, and you realize that to understand MVC well you need to have understood interface based decoupling correctly. Interface based decoupling is a basic concept when it concerns most of the design patterns. So, if you look at it, the following fundamental technologies need to be in place if you should excel in the area of developing mobile applications on iOS:

  • Strong understanding of C
  • Strong understanding of OOPS / OOAD
  • Strong understanding of interface based decoupling used in design patterns
  • Strong understanding of MVC

As you can see, we cannot take a shortcut.

To specifically address your concern, ideally you should have built your foundation in 5 years time, irrespective of whether you were having enough official assignments or not. Most skills are a result of self-study.

For cloud computing on the Microsoft platform, you will need to understand:
  • Microsoft Azure as a platform
  • Building applications on a SAAS model (Software as a Service)
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • SQL Azure
These will again require that you have a sound understanding of Asp.Net and associated technologies as that becomes the base.

Sainath S,

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If you get your hands on cloud computing then you would be in demand. Its new in india but the whole IT is moving towards it bcoz of its cost cutting and mobility features. It will be a great add on for ur career.

good luck

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