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I have been working as a dotnet faculty in a growing up institute. I have good development experience with popular MNC for about 7 yrs.
Actually i had some gap in career due to family commitments. but anyway right now i am into technical track catching up all my tech knowledege. I have cracked an interview with an MNC too. But more than a month i have been waiting for offer from them.

I am not sure if can get the offer as it looks like they have some internal issues which cannot be revealed. Now i am worried much that i am already 35 years old and am i still eligible to apply anywhere? even if i apply my resume is not considered as i am faculty. they donot even give a chance for a discussion.

Or is there any chance that the MNC who was ready to give me an offer will call me back??

please advice

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, February 05, 2012 :

One golden rule you should follow is "Believe in everybody, wait for nobody." The idea is that you should never really wait for any potential employer - keep moving, keep trying with other potential employers. When you work in this fashion, even a job rejection will not matter much as your focus would already have shifted towards another potential employer.

"In a time of rapid change, standing still is the most dangerous course of action."
     - Brian Tracy

Sainath S,

Samyuktha said on Friday, February 17, 2012

Thanks Sir... your quote for the day sounds too good.
but to be frank it is highly competitive now a days and it takes some time to get through another interview ... getting interview calls itself becomes a big deal as many are telling sorry we donot consider trainers... anyway i am on my way as usual and thanks for your golden advice...

Infact a big thanks to all dotnet fundus who helped me to crack the interview.

Sainath's Advice on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 :
Hi Samyuktha,

I would like to mention a few thoughts based on your reply.

Whenever you are hunting for a job - try to measure your Action taken v/s Output generated. Many times, as human beings we feel as though we are spending so much time and effort on the job sites applying / researching openings we do not realize the actual output which is usually on the lower side. Every job site sends you an email notification for the jobs applied for - please keep an eye on the count of such emails, this will tell you about your probability of success and how much result-oriented action you have actually taken.

As per recent economic predictions, in 2011 about 2.2 lakh new IT jobs got created and the forecast for 2012  is that it will be around 1 lakh. What does this mean? It means that as an employer you have more choices - it gradually becomes an employer's market. Also, the recent trend is that lesser number of people are quitting their jobs especially in known MNCs. Why so? Although the person may actually be earning less he or she may not be inclined to leave the "security" of his job and enter the open market again. Effectively, new openings for lateral hires are definitely on the lower side. When a job boom happens, every other person starts switching jobs and the market itself pulls you up. But in the current situation, you have to put in greater effort and be patient for results.

How to stay positive in such a situation?

I will share  some things which have always worked for me.

Principle of massive action:

This means only 1 thing - apply for all the jobs you qualify for, and apply in mass i.e. the number of jobs you apply for should be on the higher side. Below are the benefits:
  • You immediately start getting market feedback on where you stand
  • Remember every conversation with a  consultant / potential employer is a learning experience if you approach it in that fashion. You will automatically get smarter as you deal with more people.
  • You will begin to understand the below cycle :
  1. Goal of applying on a job portal - to get a call
  2. Goal of 1st call - to lead potential employer / consultant to process your CV and set up the telephonic or face to face interview
  3. Goal of interview - to communicate the value you have to offer to the employer
  4. Goal of HR round - to formalize the whole thing and end with a win-win situation i.e. employer gets what he is looking for and you make logical progress on the career ladder and monetary goals.
Remember - I have not mentioned anywhere that your goal is to "get that job somehow". If you operate from this space you will automatically be self-confident and self-assured and believe me, people will chase you with good offers. Of course, even the people at a potential employer need to be quality persons but usually this does happen eventually.

  • Taking massive action will make you feel good - else you will have time to sulk and think about so-called failures which are nothing but learning experiences.
"The world seems to belong to those who reach out and grab it with both hands.It belongs to those who do something rather than just wish and hope and plan and pray, and intend to do something someday, when everything is just right."
    - Brian Tracy

Principle of accumulation:

This is so important I cannot stress enough on it. Suppose you receive market feedback that you need to have a good understanding of design patterns. This is just a hypothetical example - it could be any other topic like WCF, etc. Choose 1 topic based on the market feedback which you feel will increase your chances by a huge margin should you have it in your CV. Just set a goal of learning this topic in let's say a time span of 1 month. I have given in detail how you can plan this, please check the below link:


Now, take daily action on this. At the bare minimum, if you spend 1 hour everyday on learning a subject, without realizing it, you will have improved your profile by a huge margin at the end of the month. You will be able to claim knowing more things on your  CV at the end of a month's time. Also, you will feel better and more confident and this will transfer onto the people speaking to you, interviewers,etc. If you manage to make this a habit, you will zoom past most of your peer group in a couple of years.

Let us say, even after doing all this you do not get a good break. It's just one of those unlucky periods. Let me say one thing here, by taking all this action you will be in the best possible position for a job market boom whenever it happens. Economic cycles always happen - boom and recession are cyclic in nature and have been happening for years. But you will not have time to prepare yourself at the last minute - it takes time to develop yourself. The moment an economic boom commences, the market will automatically absorb you, 100%. By this time, you would have reached the top 10% in terms of real knowledge and skills which can only be achieved by long and dedicated preparation.

The situation is same for every single person who is trying to switch jobs at the present time - but some will take more action and reap the eventual rewards.

"I will study and prepare myself, and someday my chance will come."
    - Abraham Lincoln

Sainath S,

P.S. Since you have also mentioned that at 35, you have lesser chances, I would request you to read through the below links as well.



Samyuktha said on Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hi Sainath,
Thanks for the "Awesome " articles you have posted. I really needed this to encourage my mind. After having lost one more chance last week saturday ,though i cleared the interview, the HR rejected me for some reasons. (may be the faculty candidature which they are not ready to reveal.) your article really boosted my mind.
I am so much thank ful to one and all. It is really good to be part of dotnet funda... :) I would definitely not stop until i achieve my goal.
-Thanks every one...
between please advice what to do and what not to talk during HR interviews as well with the technical interviewer??

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