Academic projects v/s Real projects

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Hi All

I have a doubt on job that I have 2 year exp in DotNet.Currently I am working in Academic projects small org in chennai.I want to move from that company to other mnc.So is there any possible to change my carrier to other company.And Is there any difference between academic project to MNC company project.I need brief explanation about all my doubt which I mentioned above.


Sainath's Advice on Saturday, February 25, 2012 :

Firstly, there is a lot of difference between academic projects and real life projects. In fact, the 2 should not be compared at all. For example, an E-commerce website in the real world may need to be built in such a way that it can handle peak transactions of 5000 per minute, let's say. In case of an academic project, you will never face this scenario, you will only be required to build a functioning application.

From your perspective, you need to refine your programming skills as much as possible so that you are able to crack the interview for some other organization where you will get to work on a real life project. Despite the fact that you  haven't had the chance to work on a real-life project so far, you can move on to a different organization if your fundamental programming skills are in good shape. Every person has to go through this phase in the early stages of their career.

Sainath S,

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