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I have a very important query in mind. Please help me regarding this. I don't have any real time exp in .net. But I have a knowledge it .net. I got an offer from an MNC company as a software developer has I had kept 2 years of fake exp. Even though for this job I had worked hard to crack interview for more then a year. So, I would like to know how difficult it will be for working in real time as I don't have real time exp. Please tell me as soon as possible bcoz I need to join by next month. Can i sustain over there for a longer time or not. And also let me know how to work pressure will be over there. Please help me regarding this. I'm getting tension thinking about it.

Thank you.

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, February 26, 2012 :

I have personally have had people coming into my team with fake experience at certain points - particularly when their interviews happened during bulk recruitment and enough screening was not done. More often than not, these persons have failed in their work. Moreover, the whole experience leads to a situation wherein the individual tends to lose his self-confidence.

In today's era of high end verification, it is difficult to sustain the lie of fake experience.

One more thing - while you may boost up your CV with some "in demand" technologies to ensure you get a call, it is unwise to say a complete white lie with regards to your experience.You will be found out unless you are too smart or very lucky to land in a project which does not demand too much knowledge.

Sainath S,

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