Software careers v/s Government jobs

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I am very much confused that software market is too much volatile some times demond for professinal are to high and at times they can be fired. i have gone all this through.I have 4 yeras exp in this field .Should i change this field to some safe field like govt sector jobs clerks or bank employee. I am also not very much sure about my coding skill also i am not feel comfotable to handle the pressure at deadlines and still i am afriad of coding.Please advice

Sainath's Advice on Saturday, February 25, 2012 :

All that you have mentioned is indeed true. But this has more  to do with economic challenges and less with the software field. As the software field is labour intensive, both hiring and firing is on the higher side.

Whenever you choose a career, you should make sure that you possess the aptitude and interest in the field, else you will face problems in the long term. In software, the basic logical ability to do coding is a minimal requirement.

Also, risk and return go together. While the software field is indeed risky and not the best career option for the fainthearted, it is also one of the best paying fields. So you need to take a note of this.

Regarding the option of going for a safe job, I have already provided an analysis before, please check the below link

Sainath S,

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