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Hello Sir

I am graduate in computer science .Currently working as a desktop Engineer.But i want to switch to software feild for that i had done almost all the courses and doing freelancer and private projects also in asp.net and c# .i ok with java script ajax .i have done .net 3.5 certification also .can u suggest me what to do to switch my career to software industry. becuase at the first seeing my cv HR is replying me that u are from hardware feild .and they suddendly rejecting my cv. kindly suggest so i can do so..........

sainath's Advice on Saturday, November 21, 2009 :

With a little bit of strategic thinking, this problem can be solved. From the tone of this question, it is clear that right now you are operating in the "problem" mode, you need to operate from the "solution" mode, i.e. decide upon a solution with action steps to be takan and act upon the same. Also, it is clear that you have been working hard to build your skills - but, the correct measure of your hard work is not the amount of hours you have put in, the output / results generated is the right measure, just as marks scored have greater value than hours of study put in. You need to take a step back and strategize:

I can suggest the following action steps:

(1) Research the job openings available and search for skills in the .Net space which are not easily available. Remember, experienced people are experienced in technologies which are atleast 1 generation older. So when it comes to latest technologies all are on the same plane.

(2) Try to judge for how long this situation will prevail. Will the market requirement be the same for 3-4 months or will it change?

(3) Identify courses / certifications which are "relevant" to this need, set a strict timeframe and complete the courses/certifications in this time period.

(4) Make sure you manage to build your "relevant skills" in the set timeframe. At the same time, also apply for enough openings.Don't just apply at 2 places, apply for 20 openings and only then step back and try to reason why things are not working. This is called the "principle of massive action". Most of us give up too soon, we lose energy quickly as we tend to take a job rejection personally,and come to the conclusion that something is wrong with us too quickly. But the fact is that the rejection phase is in the nature of things, it just cannot be avoided.Don't emotionalize a rejection, as you will  lose your mental strength and get tired too soon. Just keep moving.

It is fairly logical, for skills which are not easily available employers have to take risks and employ relative newcomers. They may offset this risk by paying you less or attaching some other condition to the employment offer but this is okay as a start has to be made. Unfortunately, the 1st programming job is always difficult to land, for anyone.Once you have experience of atleast 6 months on your CV, the current handicap of being a desktop engineer will be knocked off and your graph will begin to rise very fast.

Someone once defined insanity as "Doing the same things over and over again, but expecting different results."

Many people mistake busyness for accomplishment, please don't fall into that trap.

"When you set goals and periodically measure your progress, it naturally shifts your focus from activity to output."
    - Jim Dornan in "Strategies for success"

All the best !


Sainath Sherigar,

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