Web Forms or MVC ?

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I am .net developer with 4.0+ years of exp.

1. Looking for the future will MVC known down the traditional web form applications forever ?
2. If not then which application should be conducted in MVC rather then web form?
3. Does MVC is more useful developing web sites?
4. Should I move towards MVC ?


Kapil's Advice on Friday, March 30, 2012 :
Sandeep, always try to learn something new and newer technology if you want to grow. New frameworks and technology are developed to solve some limitation in existing technologies and make development easier or solve other problems.  In software, you need to be at toes to learn new technology and be updated so as to keep up with times if you do want to become extinct like dinosaurs.

More specifically answering your question,
MVC is a model-view-controller paradigm which makes it very easy manage the web application tiers. All other platforms like Java, PHP , PERL have been using the MVC paradigm since very long. Usually larger sites and mature framework have been using MVC. 

check this site to know when to use the webform and where to use MVC
Yes, you should towards MVC.

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Posted by: Mani5155 on: 4/10/2012 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
in mvc3 microsoft completely changed their vision in Razor syntax on begining of MVC in (approx 2006 or 2007 ) upto date they released nearly 5 versions (MVC,MVC1,2,3,4beta) so try to learn MVC

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