Regarding Speedup and knowlage when i have 2 year experiance in Dot Net Development

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hi Sir

I have 2 year experiance in Dot net development. And now I have switch a company and get a good package but i face some problem like my working speed slow ,i know all the solution of problem but my senior not give me work because my working speed slow and i do more time so .then please help me. what i do for this because i can't leave this company till six month .

Rajwidner Singh

Kapil's Advice on Friday, March 30, 2012 :

First of all explore why is your speed slow?  
Is it because your fundamentals are not clear and you need to constant hand-holding to do some work. Are you slow compare to your colleague and taking double the time. OR
Are you slow because it is your concentration which is a problem...

You need to do a honest evaluation of your problem. and the solve it. You need to extra hard work and add extra time to brush your skills.

Changing jobs will not help you bcos managers and everybody is running against deadlines and if you are not able to meet deadlines then you will have problems everywhere.



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