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Hi Friends...
i've 8 months of experience in .net i want to Work from Home is It possible..if Yes How can i achieve it..Bcoz many of my seniors are used to do like tat in their comp they granted this option..pls suggest me

Kapil's Advice on Friday, March 30, 2012 :
Working from home is mostly based on company policy. No many companies in India have adopted this policy apart from few MNCs like IBM etc. Even with company policy , Work from home option is available based on the type of project you are in.

More generally-
Work from home is possible at later stage of career  when you are individual contributor to an assignment. And there is constant sync-hing up required. And your manager does not need to monitor your every hour activities.

During early career bcos one at start usually work in a team and team work usually require you to work together with constant communication.
Other constraints, could be companies may not trust to let its intellectual asset i.e software to shared outside the office as some client has this secured ODC concept.   

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work from home means you need to start your own company because no one give work for fresher in Work at home type start company get project work in your time simply easy

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