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Thank you sir,

I am shankar. I completed MCA with 2011 and i completed course in .NET .i was live in BANGALORE since last 4 months and before that i was tried in HYDERABAD but still now am not getting the job.As a fresher i didn't get no one company with genuine call letter.So i am in depression why because i am basically from a very poor back ground and i didn't have any reference in software industry..So could you please give any suggestion to me.Thanks in Advance!!!



Kapil's Advice on Friday, March 30, 2012 :
This is story for most of  graduates coming out of the college who do not get the jobs during the campus. Getting the job outside of campus is very difficult but not impossible. 

I have not known any person till now who has not got job after some struggle it could be small company. But eventually everyone who genuinely tries to look for the job will get one.

So do not lose your heart.
But, you must keep trying. Go out to look for job based on your skill. If your skills are up to date, then learn skills. Every interview must be a learning for you. You should take a mental note of what is being asked and then make honest effort to learn it.

Learn , Learn and update and give an interview when interviewer has no reason to reject. 


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