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Hi All,

I really need your advice.

I am working as MIS Executive and mostly working in MS-Excel. I have sound knowledge of Excel and familiar with VBA codes and can write intermediate level macros to automate my work.

I need your advice, if i learn dot net and other language like C#, c++ etc, will it be of any help in my current job ?


Sainath's Advice on Sunday, April 01, 2012 :
Hi Pradeep,

As per my understanding, a typical MIS executive spends a lot of time working on Excel, so I am not surprised when you say that macros  are helping you out. The fact is that Excel is a powerful tool but very few persons use it to it's full potential.

If you are achieving most of your work related needs by creating macros then I would suggest that you should aim for better skills in that area itself. There are many sources of information on the internet which can help you to really hone your macro writing skills.

Apart from that you can also look to advance your skills in VBA - this will help you to do tasks beyond the scope of macros.

Learning a programming language like C# may not help you directly but indirectly it will be of great help as VBA programming or macro writing are also programming of a sort. Knowing C#, C++ formally will teach you the best programming practices and approaches which will eventually lead to better writing of macros and VBA code. And I have seen this happen many times. While writing macros people discover and realize that they have certain degree of coding skill and look to enhance that skill.  So no harm in choosing to learn C++ or C# for the indirect benefits. It is possible to learn these languages from the ground up with no formal academic background in the same - only prerequisite is that you need to possess a logical brain and genuine interest in programming.

Sainath S,

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