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Hi Sir,
I have 8 years of experience in and i am not so comfortable with planning and managing people i think aiming a projectmanager is difficult to me, as i go through some queries in this advice panel there is alternate career growth as Techinal Architect, until now i thought Projectmanager includes everthing, thanks to i want to become the Techinal Architect.
please advice me how to plan and what are the things to learn to reach my goal.
i don't have any experince in WPF,WCF,silverlight and sharepoint.
my experience involves ASP.NET with and some portion with c#,windows service,webservice,infragistics
i can say i am more comfrotable with using
i unable to decide the path to move either i go WPF..WCF... or completly move to sharepoint.
or i should know all .
please advice me.

Kapil's Advice on Friday, March 30, 2012 :
    To grow as technical architect you need to learn everything. It is not either or Or situation. 
You will need to learn WCF, WPF, Sharepoint, Databases, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX etc.   As Architect you will be becoming the person who decides the plan and design of the entire system. When you are doing that you actually are solving the customer problem. It will be up to you to decided and evaluate several technologies be it sharepoint, or custom programming using WCF or any other product.    

  So to start becoming the Architect, grow at a level start thinking in terms of requirement gathering,  use cases,   designs, deployment of the system , performance aspects, caching strategies, best practices ...

Stop worrying about whether to go with this product or that product. It is not product that we work for we work to solve customer problem and whichever product solves it learn it , evaluate it and implement.  

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