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Hi i am joined as a fresher in a Finance Company as Production Support Executive in SQL Server in 2009. My daily activities are solving the tickets based on the priority, taking backups and restorting backups when needed, and i am good in Writing T-SQL Queries upto inner joins. Now i want to change the role/company. Now the work become simple and boring. So Can u please give me advise for in which area i would improve my knowledge and to which role i am suitable further.

Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, April 04, 2012 :

Just don't change your job just because the task becomes  or seems mundane.  Sql server skills are price less.  Before jumping for another opportunity,  polish up you skill in all areas of sql server development including DBA skills, reporting, SSIS, performance etc.

Also, polish up your basic coding skill, as this will always comes in handy, may be poweshell scripting.

Once done, you can easily move towards an Sql DB administrator, developer or other similar role... But remember there a great of information you need to master for this.

Jp_Akividu said on Thursday, April 05, 2012

Thanks buddy for your suggestion.

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