how to be PM in software?

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I'm graduate, haivng 10years of experience in software. My skills sets includes C#, ASP.NET etc. I'm targeting to be an PM or higher role for future growth.

Would that be great boost to my career, if I go for PMP/Prince certification or do an corresponding MBA course and then go for PMP/Prince certification? What's your suggestion?

Rajesh's Advice on Wednesday, April 04, 2012 :

My advice is to go for PMP first as you can get this credential with just months of preparation and patience.  That doesn't mean it's a simple task, but yeah you can get it in much less time.

Once you have got the PMP, you have enough qualification with an added PMP tag which will work in favor of your job shift.

Remember you may not always directly land a job as a PM (you may get it based on some immediate opportunity), in most probability you may land a job as a PL (Project leader) and your next progression may be a PM.

Once your PMP is complete, then you can start with your MBA, without much worrying as you already have enough skills and experience to go after this.  

The only thing is you experience matters, and your experience should include relevant project management experience.  Otherwise you always have the option of moving towards a PL role and then graduating to the PM....

All the best.

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