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Dear Sir
I am a Software Trainer providing training to students from last 10 Years in C,C++,VC++,VB.Net,C#.Net,ASP.Net etc. As Now I want to enhance my career, I have applied for jobs but got no response. I an interested to do work abroad. As regarding my qualification, I am completed My BSc in 1995 and a Masters Degree in Commerce in 1997.
Please suggest me what should I do further so that I can get a good jobs specially I want to work as a Programmer in either USA or Canada.


kapil's Advice on Thursday, June 04, 2009 :

USA and Canada may not be right options in this time of recession. I will advice you to change job in India first ; from education to programming. Indian company can send you abroad later if the project have that opportunity...

Change from trainer to programmer after 10 years may be hard. It should have been easier in earlier times of boom; many trainer have changed jobs at right time. ... You will have to keep applying for programmers' job. Target small companies. Larger companies may filter your resume because of your training resume, unless there is urgent need. 

Keep your options open for company, country; later you can make a switch.... 


shivprasad's Advice on Thursday, June 04, 2009 :


I am a trainer myself and  at some moment every trainers feel he wants to be in to development. 10 years is a big period in training world. I think you need to downscale youself to smaller organization as team lead and then try for bigger organizations.

As Kapil has already adviced, USA and Canada will not be a good option in these times. Try for india , pitch smaller organizations at team lead levels and then move ahead.


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