Changing career path from a Niche skill to Dotnet

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My hubby works as PM in an MNC. His technical background is Base24 and Tandem. This technology mostly people would not have heard . it is particularly used for banking ATM applications and REtail domain. Now the Matter is this is a very niche skill and there are few openings all over India. He has good skills in project Management since 2 yrs .
But on the other hand seeing wide open dotnet openings he feels like if he trains himself in Dotnet he will be able to head dotnet projects in his current company itself. but his immediate boss and all feels like it will be too late and he would again need experience in Dotnet .

I myself being a dotnet experienced professional not getting job due to my career break. though i know 3.5 framework people wanna see some real time projects in my CV. i am a faculty and what ever i do in my current work only that i have /i can project.

Please suggest a good advice.

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, April 29, 2012 :

I cannot really comment on Base24 and Tandem as I do not have an understanding of the same. But a niche skill is  always a 2 edged sword - on one hand there are very few people in the area so there is a certain degree of job security. At the same time, volume of open opportunities available to a person is on the lower side.

Regarding project management, I can say this - be it .Net or Java or any other area, any project manager should have spent a sufficient number of years in real technical work i.e. coding in the area for him or her to be really effective. Project management is not just about co-ordination and planning. Daily decision making is a key component of project management and one can take good decisions only if one understands thoroughly what one is dealing with and is able to separate facts from individual perceptions. If you see any failed project, it is usually a management failure and the root cause is some bad decision taken in the past. In case your husband wishes to become a .Net PM he will first need to understand .Net at a good level of detail and then step into it. There is another school of thought that project managers need not be technically inclined at all but I do not subscribe to the same.

Sainath S,

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