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Rajesh's Advice on Saturday, February 13, 2010 :

Silverlight is pretty catching up and with release 4 soon to be scheduled, definitely it will be one of top choice of technology for RIA, web based games etc...

In fact companies have started building enterprise class application using silverlight.

The release 4 has some cool features like 
- Good tooling support for desining SL UI
- Printing API
- Context-Menu support
- Webcam and microphone access
- ICommand support for Button and Hyperlink
- Access local files on user's machine (precautions need to be taken here)
- COM interoperability
- Notification API
- Cross domain support
- Enhanced databinding support
- Enhanced Theming support
- Fluid user interface support
- and many more....

So you can see where Silverlight is heading and now more Line of Business Applications will be developed on Silverlight.

NOTE:  Its always good to be aware of  the competing technologies as well like FLEX etc. to be on the edge....

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