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I have a 4 years experience in developing and php applications .Now i am planning a break of 1 yr from development career..... My skill set is,c# ajax .net 3.5,4.0,ms sql, php...
1.What other career options could i consider in this 1 yr.
2.If i go for training .net job which are the good institutes in training area.
3.If i want to learn something side by side.....which latest tecnologies should i learn become technical architect in future .....

Rajesh's Advice on Tuesday, June 05, 2012 :

Build your technical skills a bit more.  Learn about design patterns, see how it works in real life, learn about Service Oriented Architecture, see how it WCF fits within IT, learn about rich interaction with latest client side scripting, about various databases.

Technical Architect is a role which spans various areas and requires in depth knowledge of the primary and fundamental skills.

Spend some time reading good blogs, lookout for design/architect related questions/answers in forums and slowly build your skills.

Learn about mobile technologies and how they impact current application architecture.  Learn about project management skills, or rather practice in day to day activity (as these skills cannot be taught).

As far as good institutes its' difficult to name. Look out for institute reviews in your area, and you may need to make a 
thought out decision with institutes.

But there are better online opportunities, which are far better than institutes.

Lookout for ShivPrasad's video series, look out for Dofactory .NET Patterns series, lookout for Pluralsight courses.. They are better than most training institutes.

All the very best.
Best Regards,
Rajesh Pillai

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