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I have been working in different IT related profiles in my total experience of 3 years.I have worked in .net for 1 year, in the next 2 years my tasks included rectifying software issues, doing product installations, providing product support, interacting with companies to take demo of their product. Presently i am interested in changing the company.I am out of touch with latest .net technologoies now and not intrested in core development. I have not been given any formal training for the tasks i perform(in absence of any standard system/procedure i perform the tasks based on my aptitude and guidance from friends). I am now unable to decide which profile i am suitable for. In MNC or other companies they choose your profile based on certain criteria like are u a developer, tester etc. Please suggest a suitable profile i can opt for. I am ready to do and shorterm certification also(which i can manage with job and which is available in chandigarh)

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, July 22, 2012 :

You can aim to proceed ahead in a maintenance kind or role. Having said that, maintenance is definitely not easy. Although it involves lesser coding, you need to possess very strong analytical skills and aptitude to understand the code someone else has written. 

The other option available to you is to step into specialized release management roles - big software houses have specialized build teams in which such roles exist. At the same time, I would also suggest that you explore areas such as ALM (application life cycle management) using tools such as VSTS (Visual Studio Team System). Currently these roles are in demand and the right balance of skills is difficult to find.

Sainath S,

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It's a good thing and bad thing that you had experience working on different IT related profiles.

Coming to the good part, many developers have no communication skills to communicate with the clients and you have a positive edge when compared to those developers as you have already supporting and constantly interacting with the clients.

Coming to the bad part, you have no technical expertise as a seasonal developer would have. This can be rectified by practicing a lot and spending lot of time in coding.

As Sainath mentioned above, you can clearly mention in your resume that you have experience in coding and even interacting with clients. There are specialized positions for developers with production support experience in any company. Believe me, you are ahead of many developers in the market as companies need developers who can communicate well. Don't be discouraged and be confident about your skills and I'm sure you will land in a better job.


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