Please suggest a profile i am suitable for based on my experience

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I have been working in different IT related profiles in my total experience of 3 years.I have worked in .net for 1 year, in the next 2 years my tasks included rectifying software issues, doing product installations, providing product support, interacting with companies to take demo of their product. Presently i am interested in changing the company.I am out of touch with latest .net technologoies now and not intrested in core development. I have not been given any formal training for the tasks i perform(in absence of any standard system/procedure i perform the tasks based on my aptitude and guidance from friends). I am now unable to decide which profile i am suitable for. In MNC or other companies they choose your profile based on certain criteria like are u a developer, tester etc. Please suggest a suitable profile i can opt for. I am ready to do and shorterm certification also(which i can manage with job and which is available in chandigarh)

Rajesh's Advice on Tuesday, June 05, 2012 :
There is no better way than updating yourself with the latest in .NET and related areas.  In any case even if you are sticking to testing role, your .NET related knowledge will always be an added advantage.

I would highly recommend to take this free course from Udacity.  You will love it 

Then whether you decide for developer or testing role, you will always be ahead as you clearly understands whats in store for both the roles.

Remeber, better testing opportunity may make you a better developer.

All the very best.
Best Regards,
Rajesh Pillai

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